• Verbal Opinion:

Our quickest service is the Verbal Opinion. Submit your gemstone in the usual way and we will grade it providing you with a verbal assessment. This verbal assessment can later be upgraded to a full Lab report.

  • Lab Reports:

Our Printed Lab report offer a comprehensive analysis of the gemstone it accompanies. It covers Type, Origin, Treatment, Color, Purity and Cut Grade. It is an essential document for any gemstone.

        Gem ID Card:


        With a high-definition photo of your precious stone on the front, Gem ID Card is a compact credit-card sized identification report that easily fits into your wallet.

        2-Fold Report


        2-Fold Big Report is a comprehensive 2-fold detailed report issued to identify various types of gemstones, It covers Type, Weight, Dimension, Color, Treatment, Origin (optional), along with a high definition photo of the object.

        AGA Master Report:


        Today more than ever, as more businesses display their gemstones online, it is very important to have a set of high quality, accurate photos and videos of your gemstone, AGA Master Report is a thorough 2-fold report that goes one step further by providing information along with High-Definition Photo and a 360-degree videos.

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